My other socks are in my bag

I was walking through Antwerp a few days after christmas. It was damp and cold. I needed to cross a fairly busy centre street with lots of public transport. To avoid being caught up in the chaos of people, I lingered a bit when the green light came up. As the people went left and right, the sky opened up and this was presented to me. Just before being ran over by a bus, I could take this picture. I can remember that I was excited about seeing this image that I had a split second to enjoy. So, without clearly recalling somebody’s presence and detail, I transferred my photo’s to my computer. When I looked at it the second time, I felt the same excitement I had when I took it. Without hesitation, I decided to make a 2 meters high copy of the image. Than I noticed the socks.

One thought on “My other socks are in my bag

  1. This is such a cool image. I like the mismatched socks, and I like the sign up above that says “atypisch Antwerpen”–that seems to go along perfectly with this unique character, set apart from the people next to her, and the color scheme that fills the frame. Beautiful!

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